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History Book

All Around the Town, Tompkins History Book

The 2004, third edition of the Tompkins Township History, “All Around the Town” is dedicated to the memory of J. Sheridan Stewart. The committee collected and preserved a few glimpses of the Townships past in this pictorial history of Tompkins Township.  $10.00

Memorial Plaque

To purchase a memorial plaque, please fill out the following form. 

Membership Form

To apply for membership to the Tompkins Center Historical Society, please fill out this form, return form and dues to:

Tompkins Center Historical Society

10138 Tompkins Road

Rives Junction, MI 49277

The Tompkins Historical Society Cookbook originated as a follow-up of a recipe collection assembled by the Tompkins Home Extension Club for the Sesquicentennial of 1988, celebrating one hundred and fifty years of existence of Tompkins Township (1838-1988).


Now we have made available the Freedom Festival Edition, a collection of old and current favorites of our community cooks. This edition is dedicated to these Tompkins community cooks, their relatives and friends, who have generously contributed their best recipes for the benefit of all who are cooking today and to the future generations of cooks to come.


If you would like to purchase a cookbook for $15, please contact us here, and we would be happy to get you one. Happy cooking!

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