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Projects & Needs

Thank you! I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your expressed interest in supporting us with one of our projects. Your eagerness to contribute to our endeavors is truly appreciated. At Tompkins Center Historical Society, we recognize the significance of collaboration and the unique strengths each individual brings. Your commitment is invaluable to our collective success. We eagerly anticipate working together and believe your involvement will greatly enhance the impact of our efforts. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if there are specific details you'd like to discuss further. We are thrilled about the prospect of collaborating with you and achieving shared objectives.

If interesting in donating for one of these projects or have a project in mind please contact Chrissy Norris at
 or at 517-962-3398

                                              Thank you!

at the Schoolhouse

at the farm house

at the Chicken Coop, Blacksmith Shop, and others

  • new front deck

  • new heating system

  • wood flooring resurfaced

  • educational programming revamp

  • new 6x8 deck on south side, new ADA ramp on west end

  • security cameras

  • sign above awning 

  • dry storage barn

  • Square System

  • finish ceiling in basement

  • resealed windows

  • foundation work 

  • seal up to prevent uninvited animals

  • return blacksmith shop into a working shop

  • remaining supplies for Quigley Outpost

  • 2 AED's

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